About us

South Leeds Youth Hub’s state of the Art building was built in 2008 with funding from the Myplace scheme, and opened its doors in 2010. It is run by Leeds City Council on behalf of local young people.

We are part of city’s Youth Offer, and our work contributes to the Children’s and Young People’s Plan (opens as a PDF) for the city. The building has a range of very high spec spaces including an industry standard recording studio, a mechanics workshop, outdoor games area and more.

Myplace scheme

63 large scale youth centres across England were funded by the Myplace scheme which covered build costs only meaning that each centre had to find ways to reach sustainability. This, and the fact that they all respond to local need, means that they all look very different, but the core features include that;

  • They are for young people and are young people-led
  • They support personal and social development for young people
  • They are local organisations and are outward looking
  • They are open to all young people when they want to access them
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