Welcome to the Breeze has Talent winners hall of fame

2019 Winners:

Sophie 1st_web.jpg
1st place - Sophie Littlejohns, vocalist
You can find more from Breeze has Talent 2019 winner, Sophie Littlejohns, on our Youtube channel.
Hannah CJ 2nd_web.jpg
2nd place - Hannah CJ Carter, vocalist
ShayLily 3rd_web.jpg
Charlie 3rd_web.jpg
Joint 3rd place - Shay Lily, vocalist and pianist
Charlie Atkinson, vocalist

2019 Finalists:

Abigail King, guistarist and vocalist
Georgia Caslin, vocalist
Men In Glass Houses, band
Mollie Coddled, guitarist and vocalist
Charika, vocalist
Philomena Chege, vocalist
Miri Westerman, vocalist
Step 4, dance troupe

2018 Winners

1st place - Frankie Bounds, classical singer
2nd place - Kirpa Suwali, vocalist
Shay Lily wins third place, Breeze Has Talent, 2018.
3rd place - Shay Lily, vocalist

2018 Finalists:

Danny Kelly, vocalist, songwriter and pianist
Megan Anastazja, vocalist
Georgia Caslin, vocalist
Ava Bounds,vocalist
Philomena Chege, vocalist
Jessica May Frost, vocalist
Demi Lloyd, majorette and gymnast Will McPherson, vocalist
Dance Divas, dance troupe

2017 Winners:

1st 2nd and 3rd-72dpi.jpg
ella at Leeds Lights-72dpi.jpeg
1st place -Ella Playford, vocalist and guitarist
You can find more from Ella on Youtube and Instagram - YouTube | YouTube | Instagram
Joint 2nd place - Fabienne Clarke, singer
Emeli Mumford
Demi Lloyd_sml.jpgSophie_sml.jpg
Joint 3rd place -Demi Lloyd, majoretter and gymnast
Sophie Littlejohns, singer

2017 Finalists:

Alvie O’Brien, musician
Grace Fakes, vocalist
Helen Collier, vocalist
Isaac Bridge, dancer
Jessica May Frost, vocalist
John Scoley, vocalist
Shay Lily, vocalist, songwriter and pianist