Samuel Hill

Carr Manor Community School

‘Be Yourself, Love yourself, Respect all others’ to build bonds between people and communities.

If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds I would work to get the theme of ‘be yourself, love yourself, respect all others’ implemented across all schools in the city.  This would include a range of ideas which students can participate in to increase self-understanding, build better bonds with groups in school and increase knowledge and understanding of the biggest issues in our society. 
This would be delivered through an online resource pack that would include both self-learning and delivered learning to enable students to increase self-awareness, learn to be and to love who they are, and from this learn to respect others for who they are. The online pack would include resources such as:

-Physical and mental wellbeing sessions
-Mindfulness classes
-Video lessons on bigger issues from those involved in wider community issues.
Each school will have a pupil and teacher ambassador who will help ensure the programme is publicised within their school and also be a first point of contact for pupils that have any questions or need help in any of the programmes.
Children learn self-loathing, to discriminate, or to be bullies. They are not born that way. We can teach them how not to be.
My project will benefit all children in Leeds and in time have a major impact on the wider community, as these children will be brought up without the prejudices that cause many of the major issues in our world.   A lack of knowledge is arguably the root cause of issues such as bullying and racism, and these in turn are a major cause of mental wellbeing problems and low self-esteem.
Providing the tools to ensure people respect themselves will then enable them to respect each other.  Providing the learning around wider issues in society will provide the knowledge to allow children to understand these issues and learn tolerance towards others.
The portal would also include lessons on self-esteem and self-awareness, how to form relationships with others, exercise sessions e.g yoga or P.E.  These would be predominantly self-taught, however these would be good resources to be used in smaller coaching groups in school if these could be organised.  

Whilst some content would be from outside specialists in the first instance, it is expected that the majority of material will be created and uploaded by the schools, sharing their learnings with all. The portal will be developed by students minimising costs.  The school ambassadors will encourage children to develop and deliver content that can be recorded and shared on the portal.  A school may invite a local BAME celebrity e.g. Nicola Adams to talk about the challenges of being a black athlete.  This would be recorded and form a library of resources on the portal that students can refer to anytime.  As Children’s Mayor, I will also be exposed to numerous local leaders and celebrities and it will be part of my role to encourage these influencers to contribute to the library.