Harehills Primary School

"To create a ‘chill and chat’ morning each week in classrooms to allow children the chance to talk about any issues they have. "​

My idea:

Once a week children have the chance to speak to someone else and make them feel positive about themselves, boost their confidence and be more optimistic. Each classroom will open their doors early and welcome their pupils in to a ‘chill and chat’ time. It will be hosted by Mini MindMate Ambassadors, school council representatives and Head Boys and Girls. The calm and relaxing environment will help pupils to feel safe and comfortable whilst sharing refreshments. The idea will include the opportunity to speak to adults as well and even those they don’t normally interact with.

Eventually, this idea can spread to other schools and community buildings, such as: the local libraries, community centres, cafes or sport centres (Leeds City Council). Once the system has been set up in local schools, the ‘chill and chat’ hosts will go to schools across Leeds to help them set up the same idea.

How my idea will make a difference:

My idea will benefit children from all walks of life at school, who come to learn and develop socializing skill, but not every child is able to build their confidence or discover their talent, ability and skill due to many reasons. The reasons can vary from child to child or it could be due to anger, stress, learning difficulties, language barriers and shyness. It will make a difference by releasing anger and stress and it will boost children’s confidence and make them feel positive about themselves. By allowing them to reach their potential, they will be more inclined to keep away from trouble and make the right choices.
It will give children the opportunity to talk about their feelings, release pressure of any kind so that it will make them feel easy and more focussed. Also, it will make them realise their ability and people would show them their strengths. This can help the children to be more focussed and determined to learn and achieve their goals.

Is it a low cost/no cost idea and can children be involved in it?

My idea is no cost idea because children (the hosts of the ‘chill and chat’ time) can help with my manifesto by praising and speaking positively about their fellow peers talent, skill and ability. Role models will be used to support others. The refreshments are low cost, however, we will ask for donations (from parents, who are also welcome to join us) or fundraising. This also helps with making people feeling more mindful.