Green Lane Primary Academy

"A welcome box, with donated items, personally given to child refugees who live in Leeds. "​

My idea:

If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds I would try to STOP child refugees suffering and help them to settle in. To help young refugees feel safe, welcome and happy they will receive a welcome box (shoebox) containing items which children of their age have donated. Volunteers from my school could help to pack and deliver the boxes instead of getting charities to give them. We could arrange with the charities for a chance to meet refuges so that they know who their package is coming from. My appeal would be to show other schools across Leeds and to get them to donate items. I could make posters, flyers and a video to show in assemblies. The benefit from this small sacrifice is that these children may feel scared so it could help to comfort them.

How my idea will make a difference:

My idea will make a difference because refugees would feel: safer, happier, welcome and more at home. When they arrive they have absolutely NOTHING so why not let them share with us? When children donate items they will be part of the mission and they will feel like they have done something good. Usually adults and charities choose the gifts for the donation boxes, they choose what they think children like however if children choose then they know what other children their age like or need. My idea involves everyone in Leeds so everyone will benefit.

Is it a low cost/no cost idea and can children be involved in it?

It is a NO COST opportunity to help hundreds of scared children across Leeds. Families can donate things like: small toys/teddies, a hair brush/accessories, a colouring book and pen, toiletries, a sweet treat and clean clothes. As these children probably do not know English, why not get students to write notes to the children asking to be their pen pal? It would be a fun way to make friends and they can learn English at the same time.