East SILC School

"I would like to help children with learning difficulties communicate with others and be given a voice with the help of communication aids that are cost effective."​

My idea:

If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds I would make sure each child had a voice. Not all children can talk, listen or communicate. I would like to create posters, videos and communication leaflets that help children understand the world around them, I would use Makaton and symbols placed in and around Leeds schools to help their voice be heard “remember its only easy if you know the answer” would be my motto..

How my idea will make a difference:

My idea would help other children share their ideas, feelings and hobbies with their friends and people around them. My idea would help children be able to play together whether they can talk or not, I hope it will help children to have friends whether they can talk or not.

Is it a low cost/no cost idea and can children be involved in it?

To raise money we can have a rally with signs and plaques and shout “make people listen” we could have buckets for people to donate to charities that help children with learning difficulties. I believe I am good at sharing ideas and I would hold group discussions to help spread the importance of my manifesto
“remember its only easy if you know the answer”