Calverley  CofE Primary School

"The Help Hub - helping children to learn"

My idea:

If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds I would like to start a lunchtime hub for children who want extra help with any aspect of their learning at school but may feel shy or embarrassed to ask a teacher or classmate while they are in the classroom.  The help could be for anything: a maths problem, reading or spelling, playing an instrument, practising or improving sports skills.  The way it would work is that older children in the school (year 5 or 6) would volunteer one or two lunchtimes a week and any child could come along and ask for help.  Children would post their help request in a special box so that a volunteer with the right skills could be found.  The sessions would be friendly, welcoming and – most importantly –fun!  New awards could be introduced for ‘Best Helper’ and ‘Best Learner’ with certificates or small prizes given out each week. . 

How will my idea make a difference:

There could be lots of benefits of the hub:
• The children would get the help they need without having to feel embarrassed and might discover new and fun ways to learn.
• The hub helpers would learn new skills in how to explain problems in a simple way and gain new responsibilities and confidence.
• Teachers should hardly need to get involved once the hub is up and running.
• The school would benefit because all children would have access to an extra way to help with their learning. 

Is it a low cost/no cost idea and can children be involved in it?

Other children in the city could get involved with starting a hub in their own school and creating posters to help spread the word.  The idea could be achieved with no cost but children could contribute by thinking of good fundraising ideas to help buy some special resources for the hub.  Helpful ideas and tips for learning could even be shared across schools – for example, children could create fun video clips showing how to put a skill into practice.