St Benedicts Primary School

"To encourage children to socialise more outside rather than inside playing computer games."

My idea:

If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds, I would encourage children to socialise more outside because I believe too many children are spending lengthy periods of time inside playing computer games.  When they go outside more, they will be fitter, stronger, happier and healthier rather than a child, who finds it difficult to make friends and is miserable!
I intend to create a powerpoint presentation to educate children on the benefits of playing outside in the fresh air and the negatives to spending too much time gaming.  This can be distributed to schools to be used in PSHE lessons and I intend to create some posters that could be emailed to schools to encourage children to spend more time outside doing fun activities with their friends and less time gaming inside on their own!

How will my idea make a difference:

This proposal will make the future of children in Leeds better, giving them more opportunities in life rather than being stuck inside by themselves.  They could ride a bike, go for a walk, go to the local park, walk or ride to your local shop, ride on your scooter, go and play a football game with your friends, go for a run and much, much more.  Furthermore, it will help improve their health because looking at a screen too long won’t be good for their eyes and if they are breathing in the same old fresh air, it certainly can’t be healthy!  This initiative will help contribute to a healthier future generation and then when they are grown-up (parents) they can inform their children creating a healthier lifestyle. 
There is so much more to our wonderful city to explore and not just gaming!  Who wants a better future?

Is it a low cost/no cost idea and can children be involved in it?

You are probably thinking that this great idea will cost a fortune!  Actually – no – it will be a very low cost!  We will use the fabulous internet to email and communicate the idea, PSHE lesson and poster activity, which will only cost time and effort!  Schools will have to provide paper for the posters that their children will make so it will have a small cost to schools but yes, I know – it’s cheap!  It’s well worth it!