Co-Op Academy Oakwood 

"Littering can kill our earth's animals but you can help stop it!"​

My idea:

If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds, I would set my highest goal to stop littering. Littering has become a major problem in our communities, and needs to stop!

My manifesto is all about safety for our earth, and the animals on it. Our streets are overfilling with litter, so, I would encourage ‘Spot it. Pick it. Bag it.’

I would create charities to raise money for more bins around all streets. Children at my school, who wanted to join the fight, could bring to school a small sculpture made of litter. I would take part in these charities myself.

I would create a fundraiser at my school, we could have an after-school club where we would make arts, crafts and posters based on litter. Children would pay £1 every week to join the club. With the money we raise we could make bracelets and wristbands saying ‘Spot it. Pick it. Bag it.’ The buyers can join our litter free community to help people change for the better. My manifesto is low cost, so anyone can help, because even children have rights. I would try to raise awareness for ‘Spot it. Pick it. Bag it.’ in any way possible.

How my idea will make a difference:

My low cost idea would help to reduce the litter on our earth, and helping wild animals living in harmful places have a better, longer life. If we all tried to make a start on helping the world become a better place, no matter how hard it could be, we could slowly become a healthier, happier planet. I want to make a change. I think that our planet is slowly getting dirtier. I don’t agree with the people that litter. Why would you want to make our planet a rubbish bin if you are living on it? If I can have the opportunity to make my community a better place, I think that everyone will be proud to see the streets get cleaner and the air getting fresher. My Idea will hopefully benefit the people and animals who have had a tough time trying to avoid litter. I want to see my community getting safer.

Is it a low cost/no cost idea and can children be involved in it?

I would make a video showing the harm that littering has caused around the streets that that people walk on a daily basis, I would try to spread my cause to other children by making posters and sticking them on lampposts around all schools nearby, sharing my idea. There would be drawings with captions that would hopefully change people’s minds about littering, and the effects it has on our earth.

I would upload videos on websites that are reachable to all ages, and would interview people, asking them what their thoughts are about the effects of littering.