Have your say if you are in care or are a care leaver

​Have a voice council (ages 12-18)

The Have a Voice Council is the children in care council for Leeds. They meet once a month on a Wednesday night in Leeds City Centre. The group is all about meeting new people, learning new skills and most importantly - about making the social care system better.

Members of the Have a Voice Council meet with local councillors and decision makers and get involved in things like planning the annual STARS Awards ceremony, helping to design and improve leaflets for children in care, recruiting new staff and encouraging other young people to make their voices heard.

Every year, the Have a Voice Council get to "take over" the Corporate Parenting Board meeting and have the opportunity to tell the social care managers what needs to be improved and why.

Refreshments are provided at each meeting , transport costs are covered and young people receive a £10 voucher to say 'thank you'. If you, or someone you know would like to get involved simply email vic@leeds.gov.uk and we will get in touch with all the details. Alternatively you can call Rajesh on 07712 214393.

Care leavers council (ages 16-25)

The Care Leavers Council is a  group of young people who have all experienced being in care. The aim of the group is to improve the services care leavers receive from Leeds City Council and their partners and to help make the difficult transition from care to independence a better experience for all looked after young people in the city. The group meets regularly in the city centre and food is provided, transport costs are covered and shopping vouchers are supplied as a way of saying "thankyou".

Members of the Care Leavers Council have the opportunity to get involved in loads of things such as; training foster carers, attending meetings with social work managers,improving local services and organisations, recruiting new staff, organising events and much more.

If you, or someone you know would like to get involved simply email vic@leeds.gov.uk and we will send you all the details or you can phone Rajesh on 07712 214393.