Samuel Cliffe

Rossett School

An inclusive Leeds that works with everyone and works for everyone for the betterment of our city and young lives.

As a member of the UK Youth Parliament it would be my prerogative to guarantee the wellbeing of all young people, regardless of creed, religion, belief or ability; I would want to help create an environment in which all are welcome; an inclusive space such as an additional field in a park delegated for use by those aged 11 -16 –something many find exempt from currently existing parks in Leeds, though would make a fine addition the existing recreational areas. 

I believe this could be achieved via campaigning and discussions with members of the community to discover what would be most apt for young people; whether that be as simple as an inclusive zone such as benches and tables or even larger projects such as additional delegated sports or activity fields: with availability for activity groups or clubs to utilise the space, this would further relations between various communities and furthermore allow young people to lead a more active and varied lifestyle in and around Leeds. 

This I would recommend to correlate with another project, a project that encourages education surrounding the history of Leeds; sites in Leeds such as the Art Gallery and Leeds City Museum could be improved to encourage older generations (particularly teenagers) into visiting  and interacting with the exhibits; this could be achieved by hosting events within the museums halls such as historical discussions and debates run by young people or even orchestrated by members of the Leeds Youth Council or fellow UKYP members, could something such as this be organised it may entice other young people – such as myself -  into engaging with their city and area around them. 

These two projects would be tantamount to an increase in city pride for the younger generations, who when acquainted with the city around them may become more proactive themselves and further the cause, running or operating their own clubs, making sure the cause can continue without external influence. 

Overall I would intend to increase the amount of inner city education and interaction within the city via the running of clubs, potentially maintained by young people.