Kirah Brackenbury

Temple Moor High School 

Action needs to be taken to improve the knowledge of staff in education establishments, about mental health charities, and agencies available to help young people.

As I have had experience myself and seen other young people having mental health issues and what impact it has on people. I propose that education establishment’s should take more care and set it has a pastoral duty to provide better support and information when faced with a young person that needs mental health intervention.  As young people go up and down the mental health spectrum at any time, often feeling isolated, alone and unable to talk to anyone close to them about issues they are facing. Sometimes school is one of the only options to take. 

So therefor, I think staff at education establishments should have better, specific training and knowledge on how to help young people that are facing mental health issues, and actually try to understand and guide them rather than just passing the young person's issue on like pass the parcel, to somebody else. Also, the staff should be trained that mental health should be a topic that is talked about and not hidden away. Hopefully, making the young people with mental health issues talk about them to teachers and be confident in doing so.

The way I would address this subject as a member of youth parliament is research  how many education establishments provide mental health support for their young people, then I would go to those establishments and talk to the young people to find out if help is provided and if so, could it be improved and how it could be improved. Then I will contact the head of the school and talk to them about what the young people had said and what they needed to be improved/changed or stay the same. I would do this without identifying anyone so their confidentially is respected. After this, I will contact the appropriate  people and  to try to make 

The improvements within a suitable time scale. I will also campaign though social media and publicly to make sure other young people and adults get on board so adequate improvements can be made. At this moment in time, I believe that not many teachers in schools know much about charities and other agencies that exist that do great work in mental health.