Isla Bentley

Gildersome Primary School

If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds my priority would be to tackle bullying in schools, the community and online. I propose that we raise money so that we can get a kindness box in every school around Leeds and to make posters to stick around the City of Leeds. My manifesto is all about people staying safe everywhere and anywhere.  I strongly believe that every term the WHOLE of each school has a WHOLE day of learning about how bullying can affect people.  But children can have FUN at the same time.  I suggest that we have a competition to find the best anti-bullying poster to stick up around Leeds. I also believe that every school should have an anti-bullying ambassador. For example, I would be happy to come to schools where there are victims of bullying and we could speak about how they feel.  I am a loyal, kind-hearted girl who takes part in a lot of charity events.  I have seen myself how bullying can affect people therefore I am very passionate about stamping out bullying in every school in Leeds. I would turn up to every engagement and would really enjoy being Leeds Children’s Mayor.

How will my idea make a difference?

My manifesto – Kindness costs nothing - Stop the Bullies! will teach every soul in Leeds to be kind and respectful.  My manifesto doesn’t just help children, it helps adults and families too.  Why should children be banned from social media because of mean people?  Why should people be scared of going to school and work?  My idea will encourage everybody in Leeds to help others and always try to be kind to others, no matter who they are.  All children should be educated about cyber-bulling, why people do it and how it can affect others. If I was Leeds Children’s Mayor I really would help stamp out bullying.

Who will benefit from my idea?

I believe everybody will benefit from my idea.  If children are happier, their parents will be happier too, which is why we urgently need to reduce bullying in schools.  Having good support from other children and adults will benefit all victims and the bullies themselves. Cyber-bullying is a serious issue in our society.  Educating young people about cyber-bullying, will benefit everyone who uses social media. Everybody in the community of Leeds should feel at least some change in our great city.

Low cost / no cost idea for how other children in the city can help with my manifesto

My manifesto is the best idea for a low cost / no cost idea.  How much does it cost to be kind?  And how much is it to raise money?  Almost NOTHING!  I would raise money by holding events such as: a sponsored silence, a teddy tombola and maybe a jumble sale.  I once helped raise more than £1,000.  I would start fund-raising in Gildersome and the surrounding areas and if it goes well I would spread my ideas around the whole of Leeds.  It may cost £2 - £3 for pens and paper for the competitions, but we can get that back from the money we raise.