Grange Farm Primary School

"Stop racism by asking each school to make a book so children can express their feelings and give out wristbands to raise awareness"

My idea:

If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds….I would tackle racism by making posters to spread awareness and to make a video about what to do if you were in that scenario. The video would make you think about what you are doing before you do it.  I would like every school to have a book in school where children can express their feelings.  Maybe older children can give children advice or adults could go through the book with children.

I would like to have a bake sale and a second hand stall to raise money to buy wristbands to spread awareness.  On the wristbands I would like to have a snappy slogan about stopping racism. It will be ‘Stop Think Racism Stinks’.       

How my idea will make a difference:

My idea will stop people judging other people for who they are. It will benefit people who have had racist comments made against them and also, the people who are racist – the video will make them stop and think before they act.

It will also benefit the world because some people who may have grandparents who lived through apartheid and know the effects of racism.

Is it a low cost/no cost idea and can children be involved in it?

Other children can help by spreading awareness and doing a bake sale. The money they get will go towards the wrist bands which they can then give out in their schools. They will also have the book in their school which they can decorate themselves (this would be very cheap or even free as all schools have exercise books.