​Holy Name Catholic Voluntary Academy

"Plastic is polluting our environment and harming animals - so by using paper straws and cups we can help tackle the issue"

My idea:

If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds…. My ambition would be to clear all the usage of plastic and replace it with recyclable paper. I, for one, think that the pollution in the seas is not fair. I strongly believe that if every school started to do this then the environment will benefit from this project. In my opinion this will go ahead straight away but with an assembly in every school, this will hopefully become a success. I also believe that every school should be a non-recyclable plastic free school. I would be happy to visit schools in Leeds and explain the importance of the usage of paper instead of plastic. I am very passionate about this role in Leeds and would make sure that I attend every school to show their importance. I would take my job very seriously as the children’s mayor of Leeds. I cannot wait to be able to make a difference.

How will my idea make a difference:

My idea -Paper Over Plastic - will benefit the environment, sea and people. It will cut down the pollution and stop harming creatures. Why should innocent animals die and suffer because of us? Why should our beaches and seas be covered in plastic waste? My ideas- paper over plastic - will stop pollution and answer all the questions people may ask. If I was the children’s mayor, I would decrease the amount of suffering that our seas and creatures go through. 

I will teach children and adults in school all around Leeds about the importance of using paper over plastic.

Is it a low cost/no cost idea and can children be involved in it?

My manifesto is a great low cost/ no cost idea. Re-using plastic is absolutely FREE. So if every child brings in a water bottle and then keeps re-filling it - this will mean that less plastic cups and bottles get thrown away.

I will also raise money by holding events such as sponsored runs and bake sales to buy recyclable paper cups and straws. 
This will kick start the schools becoming eco-friendly and plastic-free.