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How do I apply for a Breezecard?https://www.fastdd.co.uk/platinum/start.php?c=Active-Leeds-Breeze, Apply for a Breezecard onlineHow do I apply for a Breezecard?<div class="ExternalClassB4D98596908241139DEA3EE138FB3E97"><p>​Applying for a Breezecard is easy and free, you can either go to your local leisure centre or library or complete the online form.​​<br></p></div>
I've applied for a card online, now what?I've applied for a card online, now what?<div class="ExternalClassFCFA4CE2610B4845BC6B406EFEA97FFE"><p>​All you need to do is pop into your local leisure centre and pick it up. Simple as that!<br></p><p>We are sorry, we are no longer able to post cards out.<br></p></div>
I've lost my card!I've lost my card!<div class="ExternalClass9FE4E5C80C994B498CDB3B4A88F39D02"><p>​Worry not, it's really easy to get a replacement, just head down to your local library or leisure centre and they can issue you a new one there and then.<br></p></div>
Can I use my Breezecard as a library card?Can I use my Breezecard as a library card?<div class="ExternalClass1209D566AF954E9E9D66333959F9117D"><p>​Yes! Just take it down to your local library (or apply there for a joint card) along with an adult if you're under 16. They will need to take some identification too.<br></p></div>
What discounts do you get with a Breezecard?What discounts do you get with a Breezecard?<div class="ExternalClass19D09410541F4B528DAA249A0C5235AC"><p>​You can get discounts at leisure centres, Leeds City Council Museums, get fast track entry into Breeze events, and use it at several other entertainment venues across the city.<br></p></div>
Do I need a Breezecard for swimming lessons?http://www.leeds.gov.uk/leisure/Pages/Leeds-Card.aspx, More about LeedsCardDo I need a Breezecard for swimming lessons?<div class="ExternalClassB9F722CF4E064ABE8776A109AB26846C"><p>​Young people who are enrolled in swimming lessons must have a Breezecard as part of the registration process.<br></p><p>However, you can only get a discount on the swimming lessons with a LeedsCard.<br></p></div>
Do I have to live in Leeds to have a Breezecard?Do I have to live in Leeds to have a Breezecard?<div class="ExternalClass8458D898390047F4862D4496831F2ED1"><p>​No, it is available to all young people who come to Leeds to use the services.<br></p></div>
Who can get a Breezecard?Who can get a Breezecard?<div class="ExternalClassD0A48290744D475E86ED62027F3BF2D7"><p>​Anyone aged 0 to (and including) 18 can apply.<br></p></div>
Who can get a Breezecard?Who can get a Breezecard?<div class="ExternalClass610A822DBA194497B1508CDECEDBCDC1"><p>​Anyone age 0 to 18 (and including) can apply for a Breezecard.​​</p></div>
How much does a Breezecard cost?How much does a Breezecard cost?<div class="ExternalClassB46044822609494F9899640C5DFE7441"><p>​Breezecards are free!​​​</p></div>



What's on at Breeze Summerhttp://www.breezeleeds.org/AboutBreeze/Pages/Whats-on-at-Breeze-on-Tour.aspx, Whats on at Breeze SummerWhat's on at Breeze Summer<div class="ExternalClassDCA447C948494662B8CA7A8BDE5DEF3B"><p>​We split the event up into 6 different zones: Art, Challenge, Info, Performance, Play and Sport. We try to offer something for everyone no matter if you are 3 or 17. Within some of the zones with inflatables there are height restrictions, please read about them below. </p><div>You can find out about what will be available in each zone by clicking the link below​.</div></div>
Can we bring the dog?Can we bring the dog?<div class="ExternalClass80F63345497E42C9B20B7A87F84C291C"><p>Sorry, no dogs allowed apart from assistance dogs.​</p></div>
Height RestrictionsHeight Restrictions<div class="ExternalClassB1F1F7500CDF4031AF88E1F829442AA7"><p>We try and offer activities for all ages from 0 to 19. There is a Play Zone for under 5s and a variety of workshops to suit all the older age ranges.</p><p>We have height restrictions on some of our inflatables (see below) and some other activities for safety reasons, these are to keep your children and other children safe. Our inflatable equipment comes with guidelines within which we can be flexible to some degree by matching the heights, not ages, of those going on the equipment. We have large, prominent height boards on entry and dotted around the site, explaining the heights and zones to inform families of the zones and to ensure they do not waste time queuing for inflatables catering for a different height. <br> <br>At busy times there will be always be some queues and we try to manage these as well as we can, including introducing other activities and sporting activities with parents.</p><p>We colour co-ordinate our Zones for the inflatables as follows:<br></p><p><strong>GREEN FLAGS </strong>- Tot Breezers – under 1m (age 3* and under)<br><strong>RED FLAGS</strong> - Family Breezers – 1m+ (age 4+*) please note in this zone at times staff will make a judgement on height ranges participating at the same time on some of the inflatables<br><strong>BLUE FLAGS</strong> - Big Breezers 1.2m+ (age 8+*) - BLUE FLAGS<br>Hangar – over 132cm (age 9+*)</p><p>Heights are worked out from the 50th percentile of age ranges (average height for ages).</p><p>*Ages are approximate.<br></p><p>All activities checked and suitable for heights outlined in our risk assessments.​</p></div>



Where can I find a list of leisure centres?http://www.leeds.gov.uk/sports/Pages/Leisure-centres.aspx, List of Leeds City Council Leisure CentresWhere can I find a list of leisure centres?
What time is swimming pool open?http://www.leeds.gov.uk/sports/Pages/Leisure-centres.aspx, Leisure Centre listWhat time is swimming pool open?<div class="ExternalClass79AF7CBC264E4269935C5F725D25D802"><p>​Each centre has different times the pool is open.​​​</p>​<p>Find the leisure centre in the list below to download a timetable for swimming.​</p></div>
How can I find out what holiday activities are available at my leisure centre?http://www.leeds.gov.uk/sports/Pages/Leisure-centres.aspx, Leisure Centre listHow can I find out what holiday activities are available at my leisure centre?<div class="ExternalClassDD97021F30BB43DF908AD3025AF14C48"><p>​​How can I find out what holiday activities are available at my leisure centre?​​</p></div>
How can I find out about swimming lessons?http://www.leeds.gov.uk/sports/Pages/Children's-swimming-lessons.aspx, More information about children's swimming lessonsHow can I find out about swimming lessons?<div class="ExternalClass786074DB4AC9451D8AAC8E0FC46B2517"><p>​​How can I find out about swimming lessons?​​​​</p></div>
What age can you go to the gym?http://www.leeds.gov.uk/sports/Pages/Junior-bodyline-membership.aspx, Find out more about Junior Bodyline activitiesWhat age can you go to the gym?<div class="ExternalClass2B1C291F12C748B88EA15B106B92E944"><p>​You can attend the gym supervised by an adult or during Bodyline Junior Gym Sessions from the ages of 12 upwards. </p><p>You can attend the gym on your own at 16.​​ </p></div>



I want to hire your equipment?https://breezeleeds.org/about-breeze/equipment-hire, More information on our event hire serviceI want to hire your equipment?<div class="ExternalClassE58699E3582F4EA7B348B32357BCA5EA"><p>The Breeze Team offers a wide range of event equipment to hire, including a variety of exciting packages. Our services include: </p><div>Hire of our action adventure inflatables. Access to our database of approved artist practitioners. Generator hire. Marquee, table and chair hire. Full, personal, event management expertise. All events fully staffed by trained sport and youth support staff. <div><div><br></div><div>You can hire individual items or buy in a package such as Mini Breeze or out Ultimate Team Challenge. ​​​​</div></div></div></div>



How can I advertise my event on here?http://www.breezeculturenetwork.org, Join the Breeze Culture NetworkHow can I advertise my event on here?<div class="ExternalClassC70A75EFFB314015B812C6B4262BC10F"><p>​If you are an organisation with an event on in Leeds and want to advertise it on the Breeze website we ask you to sign up to the Breeze Culture Network. </p><div>This is a website for professionals working with young people, it allows you to find out about what others are doing as well as spread the word about what you do. Most importantly it allows you to add your event to the database to be published on the Breeze website.​</div></div>