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More to do than ever before...

Leeds offers a wide variety of ways to be active for young people just like you, from sport to outdoor adventure.

Active Leeds, Leeds City Council

Active Leeds offers lots of ways to get active for children and young people including…



Swimming is a great way to be active, Active Leeds offer free swimming for under 5s and those of you 8 and over that can swim safely can come to our pools unsupervised. We offer a variety of sessions depending on what you’d like to do. There’s lane swimming if you want to swim up and down, general swimming where you can enjoy being in the water without having to swim lengths and many fun sessions. 

Swimming Lessons

Swimming is an important life skill for everyone and swimming lessons are the perfect way to ensure you are confident and safe in the water throughout your lives. Learning to swim also opens up many opportunities, water polo, diving, canoeing, sailing and snorkelling are just a few examples of fun activities based in and around water.


Swim like a mermaid or shark and follow the Fin2Fit awards programme. It's a great introduction to swimming with a monofin and tail, a challenging workout but most of all lots of fun.


At Active Leeds we run one of the largest and most successful diving programmes in the UK, with many of our divers competing at Olympic level. You’ll need to be able to swim 50 metre or hold a stage 5 badge first but learn to dive lessons are great if you’re looking for something new to try, you could become an Olympian of the future or have fun learning a new skill.

Synchronised Swimming

Once you’ve reached stage 8 of swimming lessons you have the opportunity to try synchronised swimming


Our Rookie Lifeguard scheme is aimed at those aged 8-12 and our Senior Lifesaving is aimed at those aged 12 and over. The programme gives you the skills you need to be confident in the water as well as teaching you teamwork and peer support. If you’re working towards your Duke of Edinburgh awards can tick off many of the required elements within the Survive & Save Programme.

Competitive Swimming

Once you’ve reached stage 8 of swimming lessons you have the opportunity to try competitive swimming which focuses on technique and skill development.


Here at Active Leeds we offer a large gymnastics programme from walking to 15 years, across 8 of our leisure centres. Classes use specialist apparatus and follow a programme of badge work and local competitions.

Junior Memberships

With our Active Leeds Junior Memberships for £15.95 a month you can get access to our pools, gyms and fitness classes. Some of the activities depend on your page so make sure you follow the link to check out everything you’re able to do.


There are plenty of parks where you can play for FREE or why not come to our brilliant 6 indoor and 6 outdoor courts tennis centre at the John Charles Centre for Sport. Find all the information to get involved playing tennis in the city.

If none of these look like your thing there’s a lot of other Sports for you to have a look at. To see more information on any of the sessions above just click on the link in the title.

Holiday Activities

If you get bored during the holiday’s we have a lot of different holiday activities available from mermaid and shark sessions to indoor caving and triathlon. Our activities generally go on a few weeks before the start of the holiday.

Leisure Centres

To see what’s happening at your local leisure centre follow the link in the title.

Sports Club Search

Looking for a sports club? You can use Yorkshire Sport Foundation’s club finder to discover what sports clubs are in your area. Search for a club here

This Girl Can

This Girl Can campaign celebrates active young women everywhere who are doing your thing no matter how you do it, how you look or how sweaty you get. Leeds Girls Can will tell you more about what’s going on in Leeds and This Girl Can will tell you more about the National Campaign.