Action adventure equipment hire

Breeze have a wide variety of Inflatable activities available to hire, below you will find pictures and information about each piece of equipment

Small Inflatables

Pillow Wars

The aim is to knock your opponent off the padded beam

2 person activity / Height: 1.4m

Size: 4m x 5m

Mini Ball Pool

Enclosed ball pool aimed at younger children. Bounce and hide in complete safety, fully enclosed with a sea of safety balls to keep them entertained. Under 5' Only

Number of users is dependant on the height of the group:

up to 1m = 7

up to 1.2m = 6

up to 1.3m = 5

Size: 3.6m x 4.5m

Jungle Gym

Ideally suited for those under 5 with

Size: 4.5m x 4.5m


This is a giant version of Twister but can be used for free play.

Open Age /No minimum or maximum height

Size: 3.5m x 5m


One side is a soft bounce area and the other a ball pool. This is the smallest inflatable we have, aimed at very young children. Under 5's Only

4 person activity / Height: Under 1m

Size: 2.5m x 2.5m

Speed Shot

The aim is to save the goal and with the hi-tech computer scoreboard you can challenge your friends to see who has the fastest shot

1 person activity

Over 10' Only

Size: 2.5m x 2.5m

Baby Obstacle

Mini obstacle course for the younger children. Great for balance and co-ordination as they move under and over the giant obstacles. Under 5' Only

Number of users is dependant on the height of the group:

up to 1m = 10

up to 1.2m = 8

up to 1.5m = 6

Size: 6.7m x 6m

Sumo Suits

Japan is the only Country in the World where Sumo is a professional sport - but you can give it a go with our padded Sumo Suits!

The aim is to knock your opponent over.

2 person activity / Height 1.2 metre

Also available in Adult size

Size: 3m circular mat

Medium Inflatables

Bounce 'n' Slide

For those children under 8 with tons of energy bounce around before heading down the slide (feet first of course!)

Number of users is dependant on the height of the group:

up to 1m = 9

up to 1.2m = 7

up to 1.3m = 6

Size: 5.6m x 4.5m

Junior Supadome

Bounce Bounce and more Bounce !! It’s a bouncy castle

Number of users is dependant on the height of the group:

up to 1m = 12

up to 1.2m = 9

up to 1.5m = 7

up to 1.9m = 6

Size: 5.1m x 5.4m

Large Inflatables

Demolition Ball
Each player stands on their own inflatable podium and each swing the giant inflatable ball, aiming to knock other players off of their podiums.

4 person activity / Height: 1.2 metre

Size: 4.5m x 4.5m

Giant Supadome

Bounce, bounce and …………. a big bounce it’s a bigger bouncy castle

Number of users is dependant on height of group:

up to 1m = 13

up to 1.2m = 10

up to 1.5m = 8

up to 1.9m = 7

Size: 6m x 7.3m


The aim is to knock your opponent off their podium in gladiator style to win!

2 person activity / Height: 1.2m

Size: 8.5m x 8.5m

Target Shot

Accuracy is the name of the game. Score points through the holes and challenge your friends to see who gets the highest score.

1 person activity / No height restriction

Size: 5m x 5m

Extra Large Inflatables

Volcano Climber

Okay we can't match Mount Everest' height of 29,000 feet but you can get pretty high on our inflatable Volcano Climber.

4 person activity

Height: 1.4 metre

Size: 9m x 9m

Goal Keeper Save

Check out your skills on Goal Keeper Save - the better you are the harder it gets! The aim is to save the goal.

Over 10' Only / No height restriction

Football Arena

All ages and abilities welcome

10 person activity

Size: 26m x 15m

Battle Storm

Working in teams you can set your own missions to beat your opponents - will you be the last one standing?

8 person activity / Height: 1.2 metre

Size: Varied, lazer guns have a maximum of 60m shooting range

Obstacle Course

Racing in pairs who can navigate the worlds biggest obstacle course and be the winner?!

2 person activity

Height: 1.4 metre

Hangar 51

Hangar 51 is an indoor lazer quest activity

Maximum 8 person activity/ 12yrs and Over

Size: 8.5m x 8.5m

The Dome

The Dome erects easily and quickly to provide a large space with excellent height so it is easy to see and provides a great point of reference Due to the size of the Dome it is very useful and can be used for.

Event Control, First Aid, Bag storage for race events , Lost Child Point, Covered Activity Space for a range of activities including Arts and Crafts, Martial Arts.

We can also supply tables and Chairs with the Dome for a small additional fee

Breeze Arts & Music Vans (BAM Vans)

As well as the fun inflatables we also have two vans available for hire.

The “BAM” Vans are 2 identical multi purpose spaces that give organisations the flexibility to deliver a range of activities and sessions to young people. They have workstations down both sides that can cater for 6 people at a time. We can provide a full package including staffing to run the sessions and all the equipment you will need.

We have CDJ decks and awning on the side of the vans to run DJ workshops inside or out of the vehicle.

We have Laptops and Digital cameras for film and creative Image workshops. If you want to run a group session or discussion the workstations can be folded away leaving seating around the van and enough room for a table down the middle seating 8 comfortably. If you want to let the young people just chill out in the space while you run sessions outside the van we have a gaming element with 40” flat screen TVs and Play Station 3.

The “BAM” Vans are a flexible and versatile space that can get into the heart of any community, they are fully accessible with ramp access, they come with a driver and the opportunity for you to use the space or commission us to run the sessions for you with our equipment and specialist staff.

Football Cage

Maximum numbers for the cage is 6 people. All ages and abilities welcome. The cage can be used for other sporting activities as well as Football; it includes hoops for basketball, and can be used as a batting cage or for small sided street cricket games. The cage is great for hire in enclosed area' or estate area' to get the whole community involved.

All Inflatables are hired fully staffed by Leeds City Council approved, trained, and fully CRB/DBS checked staff.

For any hire you must have permission to use the space/building in which you are wanting to use the equipment. Inflatables are best suited on a grassed area, however inside arrangements can be made.

For more information, bookings and prices contact the Breeze Office on 0113 378 3164 or email